Monday, March 8, 2010

Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

holy crap! did you see the oscars...they stunk...i am still super super mad that Inglourious Basterds got so dumped...but that is a whole nother rant...i am not happy though....i even growled at one point...and groaned at all the politics seeping out annoying - this is ENTERTAINMENT people!!! but one thing made me very very happy - the dance sequence the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers performed to all the score nominees...did you see it? you will be able to here: - you can view their past performances on SYTYCD and at the TED conference...

anyway - i actually heard about this long ago. our friend Iris from college is the production director of the movie. i am so stoked for her - she has busted her booty out here in LA for almost 10 years - i am really hoping this makes it for go see Moments to support Iris...k? oh and also go see it because it looks amazing! you can also view the trailer for the movie on the LXD website -

i am beyond excited for this movie...for this collaboration of dance they are doing. it is truly groundbreaking and i think it can bring more contemporary and even classical forms of dance more mainstream...perhaps even more so than SYTYCD...i am not sure the release date - so feel free to comment if you know or if you have heard anything or if you even want to rant about the sucky sucky oscars...or even if you want to tell me how wrong i am and how hurt locker totally deserved could have a point, especially since i didnt even see it...:)

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Punky said...

I missed the Oscars =( But just clicked your link to The LXD and they are just phenomenal! I saw them on SYTYCD with my dad and even he liked them!