Thursday, March 11, 2010

vintage scrap dresses

i dont know if it translates via pictures how adorable these little dresses are! a while ago - i think a little before Christmas - on a San Jose trip one of the Barnes' family friends dropped by a box of scraps from her sewing adventures in the late 70s early when my mom used to sew :) in fact i recognized some of the fabric. She intended it for my sister-in-law Kimmy who makes these rad bags ::available for purchase on etsy :) :: but Kimmy could not use a lot of it...really i think she saw me salivating all over the box and was like, ewwww...take that you licked it i may not use it.

thanks kimmy...i have been having so much fun using up the fabric on horsies and skirts and dresses...i made 2 headbands from it and have started a scrap quilt as well. its so fun to use it up all the while wondering what it was originally used for and even what the rest of it was intended for. its even more fun knowing that it all was free!

i didnt intend to use the flower girl pattern, but the size of my scraps only allowed for this pattern that it had and i think they are very 70s fitting dont you?

i think that if these don't sell on Sunday i just may keep them around until August...just in case...


Rashelle said...

Those are so reminiscent of childhood it almost hurts. Love them dearly!

Anonymous said...

Oh muhgosh! I have stuff with this SAME yardage!! Stuff that my mom sewed when my sister and I were little, and quilted handbags that she made. So awesome!!