Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Shark Zoodie

everytime i put this on him i find myself singing..."there was a shark do do dooo do...his name was do dooo do." if you ever went to camp you probably know cherith? jenny...please confirm...anyway - i was very pleased to see that American Apparel is now selling gray hoodies...opens up a world of animals :)

so along came the shark zoodie. for a boy who likes any sort of dangerous animals: namely dragons and sharks.

He was in quite the mood yesterday though and told me when he first put it on that "its not cool mom, its just that its not cool" so that was my first diss on something i made for him. i told him that he didn't have to like it and that i would give it to someone who thought it was cool and i would make him something else. not mean...just matter of fact and he got all bent. i added the elbow fins and all of the sudden it was cool. he also didn't understand the "holes" in the hood...i showed him a picture of the shark and its gills and then it was cool some more. bryan informed me that the slits should go up and down, instead of diagonal like i sorry my little shark hoodie isn't atomically correct. that will be corrected.

so hope you like it - hope people like it enough to buy it - my biggest seller so far has been the dino zoodie - i like them too because they wash great! you can find them here at our etsy shop Friendkidly


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

OH YES, I remember the song! : )

Kaci Lundgren said...

i remember it seems to me that it was made up by a kid--it was kind of obnoxious.

Punky said...

I LOVE your zoodies! I think they are the best idea ever! I might want one for myself =)

Jeremy and Kathleen said...

This is AMAZING. I love it.