Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my lazy garden (part 2: my garden boys)

i am lucky to have a *very* hot husband who is also not afraid to get dirty and dig up the entire backyard in one afternoon. he, in fact, enjoys it. he has a gardening problem...some people collect baseball cards or hats...he collects plants. at one point he ordered some crazy palm tree seeds on-line and germinated them for like 3 years...he has also ordered ladybugs on-line and mantis'...and this was all before we even had a backyard. we had a porch and he was doing this...i love that he enjoys it - i tease him quite a bit - but i love it and i love that we all can reap the benefits of his hard work.

so it was pretty joyous the other weekend to watch him and the boys join in. they had these shovels at Lowe's for $3.98 so bryan bought one for each of the boys.

in this picture they aren't really doing much of anything, but Bryson did help a bit...he is finally becoming useful :) i mean that in all the positive ways...i was telling Bry that this is why people have sons...i forget that one day they will actually be useful and not just super-destructo boys!

i was speaking of bryson...bodie is still in destruction mode...and loves to get in whatever he can...usually whatever he isn't supposed to...my little grubby sneak!

here is the little gardener...goodness he is becoming quite the little boy...my heart aches a bit whenever i see pictures of him like this...looking all big...he is turning into quite a sweet little guy too...at least tonight he was :)

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