Monday, March 15, 2010

The Pink Parlour Craft Fair Review and Recap i told you before...friendkidly was at The Pink Parlour craft fair at the Santa Anita Racetrack yesterday - Sunday...We found out about a week and a half ago that we were doing it, so not much time to prepare, but off we went!
(do you see our bargain wagon? aren't we genius? except kids all day wanted to play in it and i think it ticked off the mamas...ha!)

it was linsey and i all day...which is always nice to be able to sit and relax with a girlfriend without being interrupted by little munchkins all day...we wish we were interrupted more by customers all day, but that is a different story.
(BTW - can you see her darling skirts here?)

it was family day at the races, so our hubbys and babes came and enjoyed the bounce house and junk food and our hubbys wagered a few i think all were entertained to some degree, which is nice - its usually not a fun-filled day for dad and the boys at a craft fair...dunno why! thats my kind of day!

so here is the low-down...this was definitely NOT our crowd. not a lot of mamas...more like a lot of rock-a-billy single gals and guys wearing their flower hair accessories...the girls wore the flowers...not the guys...anyway...across from us was a corset booth that got all sorts of crazy that should tell you something...the moms that were there were dressed to say it? not our style? their kids wore little skulls and had shirts that said "i love my mom and her tattoos" and the boys were wearing Ed Hardy-like shirts...i dunno...definitely not "cutesy homemade" like we do...i hope that doesnt sound judgemental...i'm just saying that we werent the best fit for this show...

so we know our crowd for sure better now...i think Patchwork is definitely a better fit for us...we did sell some stuff, but definitely a let down as far as sales went... is always energizing for me to see this community of DO-ers and MAKE-ers and crafters - the people we meet and the things they make are always encouraging! it is such a cool community to be a part of and a huge reason why i keep doing it even though i make no money...

I think we will stick to shows that seem to be a better fit...or else i will learn how to make corsets and flower hair accessories...and skull onesies...

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