Wednesday, November 18, 2009

get your holiday orders in!

i have been receiving some holiday gift requests and just wanted to put it out there that NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER because i am a one-woman shop for the stuff i make, plus i have a list of my own gifts, so that being said - i would love to help make your holidays more handmade! i can ship too, but would love to complete all shipping orders in the next 3 weeks.

what i make and some requests i have had

1. emmeline aprons (reversible) - for mommies
2. animal hoodies 12 mo - size 6 (and adult sizes too i might add) - i make skunks, horsies, dinosaurs, monkies...and custom too!
3. dresses 6 mo - 4T- tie on one, reversible sun-dresses, smocks
4. bandana pants and pants sets - 18mo - 2T
5. custom order applique shirts
6. nursing aprons - for mommies
7. hair clips and headbands and bows
8. skirt sets - skirt and matching appliqued shirt

9. embroidery - embroidered stocking sets and tote bags

10. broomstick horsies

11. custom embroidered baby blankets - flannel on one side and minkie fleece on the other with baby's name and date of birth

plus - its affordable - most dresses are $25 - $35 and pant sets are around $20 - mommy aprons are $20-$30 - broomstick horsies are $20-$30- there is a family and friends discount too - so don't be afraid to ask! our etsy shop makes custom orders easily made and purchased all through paypal so you can pay by credit card if you wish- or feel free to directly contact me and we can work it out if you know me! the other friendkidly mamas are also very talented and LOVE custom orders as well - so if you like Linsey (Apple Likes Orange)'s twirl skirts or bunting or embroidery - or if you love Rashelle (Owl Fly Away)'s birthday crowns or carseat canopies PLEASE dont feel wierd about emailing me or posting a comment. I know that using a new-ish site like Etsy can be daunting to some, plus placing an order with someone you know may feel wierd, but that is exactly why we started our little side-business! so we would love to entertain all ideas and orders!

also - i am HORRIBLE at taking pictures of what all i make and posting them, so if you would like to see any pictures of any of the listed things that are not on this post or our shop - just ask - in the comments below or by emailing me at carleekajsa (at) gmail (dot) com.

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