Tuesday, November 10, 2009

birthday bonanzas

i dont know how to keep this post from being like 10 pages long...the birthday celebrations are not stopping...they are still going...and since one of them is mine i am not complaining too much, but still - so much celebrating! first on the 3rd was my birthday - we celebrated at californialand. we took advantage of a quiet day in the office and headed out...it was such a perfect day there - good weather - no long lines - no tantrums - pretty much a wonderful day! this picture of bryson cracks me up - bryan took the boys on the carousel while i rode the rollercoaster (my favorite ride) and he chooses the bench...he does this often...he doesnt like the ones that go up and down i guess! we also celebrated bryson's bday (nov 8) there...he had spent the night at my dad's house - after i picked him up he fell asleep in the car "from all the assightment" and on a whim i decided to take him (i was by myself). i transferred him to the stroller and even ate lunch and went to a disney store and bought him a present and came into disneyland and woke him up on main street. once he got his bearings he was so excited. he told bryan that he woke up at disneyland "and i was like, woah!"  - here is an awkward family photo...i had to crop it down because we were like tiny specs...why do other people do that in photos they take for you? so lame...

that evening we had a babysitter (SB) and i was able to get away for a night out with bryan and myself...to sushi studio - our favorite sushi place evah...i am such a sushi snob now...i really cant go anywhere else and enjoy it...i am doomed. once our favorite sushi chef made us this roll that had some tuna and jalapenos inside, wrapped with rice, topped with sauteed prosciutto, a fried quail's egg on top of that and drizzled with this amazing cream and spices...holy heaven on a roll! anyway...SB liked my skirt, so i thought i would show a little pic of what 31 looks like on her way to dinner with her hottie husband!

this last weekend my cousin Jenny and I celebrated our bdays together with a "So You Think You Can Dance" Party...she really told the story perfectly...i only have a couple photos to add! the party was amazing and the dancing as Uncle Bobby put it had "sharpness and exactness and pure earnestness" - my brother even got into it and did a routine with SB, Jenny and Bryan!

then last night JJ had an extra ticket to the live tour show of SYTYCD Season 5! 4 of us old EDHS Dance Team Alums went and had a blast...i was bummed the tango didnt make it, but the addiction dance and the cancer dance did...okay -i know i am a 13 year old in disguise, but let me just say Kayla killed it, Brandon is from a planet where they are dancing gods and Phillip is inhuman!

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the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

The last picture is AMAZballs. So glad we could celebrate together again!!!