Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bryson's communist bday party

I have always felt a little guilty that Bryson hasn't had a birthday party with his friends until now...i guess that isnt true - his 2nd birthday party was at our park with all his park buddies...but it was indeed small and not a lot was different between his birthday and every other day at the park, except cupcakes and party favors. last year i had thought of throwing him a party, but with all the other birthdays in November and October - it just seemed like too much...we just had a small family get-together at my dad's instead.

This year Bryson has truly made friends and also truly understands the concept of birthday party, so it was a perfect year to do it big! We decided to team up with the Ballou's and Douglas' and Bryson, Asher, Ella-Jayne and Madeline all shared one big ol' party, one big ol' bounce house on only one Saturday (as opposed to 4) - i think it made many a parent happy...i know it made me happy!! only 1/3 of the planning and preparation was needed on my part...it made the whole thing much less daunting...even though we did send invites to 120 people!

We ordered the *very* necessary HUGE bounce house - in which Bryson did not leave for 4 hours...except to open gifts and hit the pinata and do a sack race...we decided to open the gifts as the people come...much less hectic - and the parents didn't have to wait around for the kiddos to open their gift and there wasn't a million jealous kiddos crying that they want to play with such-and-such...very smart...

my wonderful husband took the pictures, but unfortunately i have none of the other birthday kiddos except Asher...this one is of them in time out...because bounce houses very much bring out the *boys* in boys. he actually had 3 time-outs that day...he is usually pretty good in bounce houses, but i think the fact he was pretty tired, plus a little sick, plus over-stimulated didnt help matters. but...the next day he laughed about it and didnt remember the trauma so that was good.

our college buddies - The Palmquists, Hurleys and Bartels came out to enjoy the party weekend as well (that night we all did a How to Host a Murder - more on that later) and the Hank and the Dex came along as well - always happy to have the Hank and the Dex... here is the Dex ---->

and here is the Hank

here is the Bryson wearing his party clothes. i had made him a 4 crown...before his party, which he loved and wore and lost and i didn't think to look for it until the night before the party...no luck...so that morning at 7am i made him a new one...except instead of a "4" on it i put a "B". he was not a fan. so i told him i would make him a "4" sweater with a big "4" on the back. "NO" i want a "4" right here and a big "B" on the back...okay fine...7:30am i make him his sweater...the best part about this story is that we didnt even get a photo of him in his crown. i totally forgot to put it on him before we sang "happy birthday" - so i will put that crown on him and get a picture dern it!

so...there it was...there are also no pictures of the sack race and pinata because my dear husband was video-taping it...if i ever learn how to upload those videos i will post! yeah...when i have the time to do that...hardy har har...

anyway - yeah to 4! yeah that 3 is over...i mean we loved 3, but man...3 was rough at times too! so onto 4!  i LOVE 4 already!...4 year olds are the coolest...the best imaginations - the best stories - the best costumes on a daily basis...i look forward to what 4 brings...and i have no doubt our Bryson will bring it...he is a constant treasure trove of adventure and energy and excitement and challenges...lets be real...but i wouldnt have him any other way - his blend is the perfect blend for us and our family and for helping shape who we are as parents and people! he has helped us grow and love in ways i never knew imaginable - his constant quest for answers helps ignite life in me every day and his heart is so pure and sweet and constantly makes me want to be better for him! Bryson - live up your 4th year! we know you will!

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Whitney Hannah Hill said...

So great - loved that I didn't have to set aside four Saturdays for parties, too. I thought it was perfect how you all went in together. I love that you made Bryson something special to wear - he'll remember/cherish that forever.