Thursday, November 5, 2009

Giveaway - The Glass Castle!

finished! i finished this last week and have been marinating with it and i can say that i highly highly recommend this book! i am not in the tradition of keeping my paperbacks...if i really love a book so much that i want to read it over and over, i will buy it in hardcover...paperback book binding glue only lasts 20 years, so my thought is that as many people should read this book as its little life could i am passing the love one of you! if you would like to read it...for free - leave a comment or email me at carleekajsa at gmail dot com. i will leave this open for a week - if there are no takers i am putting it up on

this would be a great book club book - i would love to sit down with a group of people to discuss it! there is so much here in this book both good and bad that deserves an ongoing discussion. if you have read it i would love to know your thoughts - if you would like to - post a comment - you just may!


Rashelle said...

I'd love to give it a shot and will pass it along as a give away on my blog when I'm through with it as well...that is, if you send it my way :)

J. Bartel said...

(This is Paige... I am to lazy to sign out and back in again)

I also loved this book. I read it in a book club and passed it on to my mom... she loved it too. Such a moving combination of joy and grief.

Anonymous said...

books are awesome, and yea for sharing the reading fun! i would love to be a part of the swap, if it works out that way!
Katie B.