Saturday, November 28, 2009

holiday to do list...

which seems to be ever growing!

1. the creamy pumpkin ale...needs to be bottled...and needs a better name...hmmm...any suggestions?
2. our yummy tangerine tree has already been picked and 4 HUGE trader joe bags have been filled and passed around and there are still plenty left...a harvest is needed and this recipe for marmalade is screaming to be made!!
3. headbands! i am loving these and these and these...i want to scour thrift stores (sans kids) and tear off old appliques from 80s dresses...perf!
4. some personalized hoodies and blankets
5. a sweet christmas dress for a sweet baby niece!
6. holiday bunting...almost finished!
7. tree trimming
8. soup...of course!
9. running...trails...remember that marathon? oh yeah...i nearly forgot...and i am scared my body has become a little too comfy! i believe a plan is in order!
10. wood fires, cinnamon, bread baking smells to fill the house

not sure it will all get done, but i would really love to make all our gifts or to buy homemade this holiday season instead of dashing through the stores and standing in the lines...whew...i got a lot to do!

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