Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bodie 11 Months

well...just one more month...until you probably start to walking and are no longer my baby...and you can have dairy...and face forward in your car seat - oh wait, we already did that...dont tell the fuzz...

we know that your favorite song is Boom Boom Pow - it can get you to dance and be happy no matter what kind of fit you throw. You like to talk more - you regularly say "da duh" (all done) and mama and dada and "keeee" (kitty) and "DUHN" (dont - with a finger sticking up in the air)

your little bottom teeth are cutting as i type...they arent your favorite teeth so far...i think they are giving you a bit of trouble...you are pretty amazing in the car and you generally dont mind being in there...unless of course for long trips after you have already napped...like to San Jose for instance :) but you did amazingly on our last Thanksgiving trip up there.

your favorite time of day is still bath time. i have no clue how much you weigh, but if i had to guess i would say my back thinks you are about 23 or 24 pounds. you are struggling in the ergo facing me - you much prefer it on my back - this is evidenced by the way you throw your back so that you are upside down. this is not fun for my back...but fun for you...i guess.

you are so sweet to your brother - you light up when he is around and he is getting better at engaging you without hurting or scaring you...which is a step forward. i promise.

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