Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween - a written story

now that the kids are in bed i can wrap up Halloween madness. we had a pretty bitchin weekend. Lots of yummy things were made...banana bread (for the 5th time in 1 month...good thing i know lots of moms having babies!) and 40 clove chicken and chicken tortilla soup with the leftovers...lots of last minute costume additions were made - bryson's max crown, cat ears that were never worn...i love felt!

we had a party on friday - Halloweezy if you will...good times...good costumes...having a birthday a couple days past Halloween has always been fun - maybe its the reason i love dressing up so much...i dont need a holiday really, any excuse will do! On Halloween day i woke early with the babes and then stole a couple hours and got to do some shopping by myself...such a treat! got some new boots that i am in love with and a birthday outfit. then the fam headed down to 2nd street for the Howl-a-ween Dog cute...too bad both of the boys were asleep for most of it! on our way back to the car we couldn't help stopping at the beach - such a gorgeous day and the boys were absolutely thrilled to be in the sand. Bodie kept "jumping" up and down on his bum smiling and giggling and getting sand EVERYWHERE on his little body...including his mouth...that kid loves eating sand...i dont get it...he wont eat green beans, but he will eat sand!

our original plan was to do the trick or treating on 2nd street, but we decided not to come back and instead go home...take baths and wash all the sound off...and dress bryson up in his max suit to go trick or treating. sadly, bodie did not dress up for year i am sure...but it was his bedtime and he had a busy day, so he stayed behind with auntie sara and uncle pete and off we went. i realized i never explained to bryson what trick-or-treating was until right before we left. he was so unbelieveably stoked! he couldnt believe that strangers would give him candy just for dressing up (in his costume that he has already worn 10 times!!!) it was pretty surreal...bryan and i lagged behind holding hands and watching bryson and remarking how crazy it was that we have a kid old enough to go trick or treating! he RAN the whole time...usually by himself up to each house...usually minded his manners and was so thrilled. it was so fun to see his we met a ton of neighbors...who knew? i guess that is a lot of the point right? we live in such a great neighborhood...i also saw a lot of the parents carrying around plastic one gave us that parents!

today we visited rashelle's church for All Saints Day and had lunch in fashion island...what a complete weekend - all the aspects of our family and creating and community that i hold so dear all wrapped together in one sweet weekend!


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

Plastic cups. GENIUS.

Kaci Lundgren said...

I just read the next blog that I follow and it mentioned plastic cups and adult beverages, too. Guess that's part of the tradition now?!