Thursday, November 19, 2009

some things...some holiday things...some handmade things

i have been keeping busy with some fun holiday orders and of course birthday and holiday gift making as well! i recently made this sweet little skirt set for one of november birthday girls and i wanted to snap a shot before off it went...i went with my mother to get her hair cut and started the stem and leaves - i think it took me about an hour and a half - the perfect solution to keeping idle hands busy! i wasn't sure at the time who it was going to or what was to top it, but it all came together and i am really proud of it - mainly because it was one of the first embroidery pieces i have done trying new stitches... 
I whipped up this skirt, which should not have taken me long at all, but i really wanted little details on it - like the hem - can you see? i think it adds a little sumpin was super fun to make. sometimes i get lost in a project and those are the ones i tend to love the most - the ones that make me forget to drink water and realize how late it is!

and this little headband became a frantic scrap project. i am realizing that my scrap pile is a little more than out of control. i have started to develop pack-rat like behaviors with fabric and its not good. there is no way - even if i didn't work and didn't have kids and had no life and didn't enjoy spending time with my husband could i ever find all the projects to do with my when i found this tutorial i fell in love with the idea! i need headbands...i have scraps...perfect marriage! so, of course, as is my style...i made 5 of them...3 for kids and 2 for adults and guess what is the next give-away?

a super sweet mama i met from our old park days asked me to embroider her Christmas set - i thought they turned out so well! i was a little nervous because i haven't perfected my machine quite yet, but it all worked out...i am also going to work on some stockings i have made myself as well and should hopefully post them soon.

anyway - this is what i have been having fun with! we are leaving on a road trip soon and i need to take a lot of portable projects so i have been trying to get my sewing done before its DECEMBER! so i am thinking knitting and more embroidery and handstitching...should make a 6 hour car ride with 2 young kids SO much more bearable!

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Punky said...

I love the headband! You have to teach me how to make those because my scrap box is too close to full!