Sunday, November 1, 2009

10 Months Old

i havent put this post up because i intended to take a better picture of bodie with the elephant...but that is clearly not going to happen these this is too good a reflection of the state of our life right now i had to document it...see bryson "helping" with the photo shoot...see the struggle...for attention...always...wonder where he gets it...but don't start "poor Bodie-ing" he fights back...he is a little bull this sweet but struh-rong...

so 10 months...he likes to say "da-kow" that is his favorite word. he now has 5 teeth...that top left incisor doesnt want to make its appearance yet, which makes for quite a cute grill....he is sleeping better and brother and him have slept in the same room approximately 5 times now...which is an improvement...he is starting to take a bottle, which is also a new thing...not from me of course - he still loves to nurse, but it is sorta like nursing a bobcat i would imagine...if i had to nurse a bobcat...he is an "active" nurser lets just say...he is starting to play games like peek-a-boo...he is signing "all done" and "more" and "kitty". he took 2 steps last week!!! he is balancing standing every day and it is getting for longer and longer intervals...bryan likes to encourage this and i see it happening and put stop right away to it! i am not ready for him to no longer be a baby...his favorite time of day is bath time...he loves to splash and loves it when brother joins him...he is just such a joy to us and our little family and we are so blessed because of him!

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