Sunday, September 20, 2009

brain dump inspiration theme

so i found i quite liked the post where i dumped random bits of info...makes my brain work less...i like pleases my mother and helps me journal random bits of info...yes...very nice for me and my tired here we go again...under the theme of inspiration...wuuuuu...fancy!

*i was inspired to today to get out of the "sick house" and it was actually such an amazingly great day - we missed church because both boys are still recouping from FEVERS and SICKNESS - they are tainted and unlike other mothers...ahem...i don't put my kids in the nursery when they are sick! sorry...i am bitter because i found out someone at our church's children may have H1N1...not happy...i started bryson (or rather my sister did) on Tamiflu just in case!!! he is on day 3 and feeling much better - both his and Bodie's fevers have you can see by the picture he is already getting back to his normal self :)

*i was inspired to run because of my bro and SIL - who ran 10 miles the other day just cause...well i guess just cause we are training...i guess you can say the Catalina Marathon is inspiring all of us! instead of church we ran 6.5 miles throughout the marina in Long Beach - we really love it here...we really dig this town...this was confirmed yet again on our run. apparently i signed up for the long beach half marathon, which to my surprise is in like 3 weeks...yikes! i really need to step it up. after that one we are going to do Calico's 30k trail run again in January for training...excited!!

*i was inspired to cook! i have been reading some amazing food blogs and it has been inspiring the dormant cook in me...(i think i have been dormant all summer - hibernating in the office) after our run auntie sara met us at our house for Brunch by the infamous breakfast chef that is Bryan - soyrizo scramble with spinach and goat cheese...yuummmmm...after brunch i started on Candis' famous lentil soup...seriously the best i have made - it was fabulous - Bryson ate his whole bowl - and he hasnt eaten ANYTHING for a week! (this recipe should be will want me) however, not sure why i decided it was soup season...80 degree weather this weekend...please autumn...we are waiting...i have lots of soups and roasts to make...

*i was inspired to play dress-up with Bodie in anticipation of Halloween! yesterday i found bryson's old halloween costume in my closet - it barely fit Bodie...definitely wont be able to wear it this Halloween...i totally had to stuff him in it...look at his poor face - "mommy...not me too...please dont make me wear silly things like you do to brother" sorry dear...its what mommy does...until she gets a girl or a small dog she will not leave you guys alone...

*i was inspired to start a quilt! i was inspired by this post and this post. i started my first quilt! not really with any instructions...not really sure what i do next...something about batting and binding...good thing there are youtube tutorials! and the salesladies at our local Sew N Vac...this was one of my New Years sew a quilt. i got this itch to do it since we are going to be doing a photo shoot (i won a $200 gift certificate at MOPS a couple months ago!) and i thought it would be neat to do it at a park and even neater if we were having a picnic on a blanket i made...we'll see if it gets done by then...we'll see if i even know what the hay i am doing...cause i am pretty clueless at this point.

i had a lot of fun making it...who knew? i always thought it would be so boring...the cutting the pinning the matching up of the pieces...not my cuppatea...but i loved piecing it together (cutting i can live without...not gunna lie) and loved seeing it join each neighboring square and then each neighboring i thought i would get all hung up if my squares didnt line up perfectly, but they turned out so much better than i originally thought...i posted my best square and my worst square...i dont really feel too bad if this doesnt turn out either, because Paige and i got this fabric at this creepy cut-it-yourself basement store for a $1 a yard - i think i got like 40 yards or something ridiculous...but it has turned out perfect for projects like this!

*i was inspired to make more little girl things! i didn't have any batting and still was excited about sewing so i made this headband for sweet Eliot to match her cute little dress...

*and lastly i was inspired in general by this video of the Black Eyed Peas performing for Oprah's anniversary show...the power of a crowd like that is motivating...uniting...did i already kinda say is! enjoy!


linsey said...

That picture of Bodie is too much! He is soooo flippin' cute!
I like the first quilt you are working on, it'll be a great back drop for a family photo.

Paige said...

Love the quilt! I was thinking about doing the same thing, but I didn't know how mixing all the plaids would go... but I love it. What are you going to put on the back?