Friday, September 25, 2009

the barrette dress

wow! bodie is taking an awesome nap right now! i actually was able to put this one up in the shop! i have now been able to make 3 dresses out of the 4 yards of this fabric - pretty good deal i think (plus 2 headbands and one barrette...lets not forget!) i was obsessing over what to put on the front of this - i thought my Sweet B logo may be too hard to read with such busy print and i was in the pocket i decided to do a little pocket for a little girl's barrette...i don't have a girl, but i know plenty of moms struggle with keeping little barrettes in their girls' for those days when she isn't feeling the hair has a home in this sweet little pocket!

so maybe that will last like one wear...not sure, but i thought it was a cute idea :) so here she is off into our shop!