Friday, September 25, 2009

another "e" dress

i know a lot of babies born in the fall...i learned last year to get a head start or else i'll be eating rice n beans for 2 months because i'll have spent our entire budget on presents. part of the handmade process i love is that some of the best gifts can be so inexpensive! this dress cost less than $2 to make...the plaid fabric (look familiar?) was part of that crazy $1 per yard - the purple fabric was an old sheet no longer in use, but so soft and needed to be made into something. i used the same pattern as Eliot's dress and i really like how this one turned out. i think it will be perfect for the little girl its going to! (BTW: the dress did not photograph well...or rather i didnt photograph it well...hopefully i can get a shot of the little girl wearing it and post it later :)

i whipped up 2 dresses yesterday - one for a gift and one for the shop...i think that is a good goal...i was especially motivated since i made a sale yesterday :)  i get started on a certain style - for a while it was appliques on things and lately it has been initials on things...i am a little my credit, bodie and bryson each only have 1 item of clothing with a "B" on it...i try to be a little creative, but i just think its so darling when kids are *proud* of their initials...i guess bryson is and maybe not other children...i remember being obsessed with "C"s when i was learning to spell. i also remember always wanting to buy those silly license plate keychains with my name on it and there has never been "Carlee" - there has been "Carly" but its just not the same is it? no...its not...not to a 10 year old...its soooo not! can see i was clearly deprived as a child!

i have also been into this visible stitching and showing my stitches and unfinished ends that will fray just ever so - in an intentional messy way i guess. exaggerating the on the pockets i ran 3 stitches in a contrasting color - same thing over the "e" and i topstitched with a contrasting color as well.

i went through my fabric and would love to start using up what i have and not have to buy anything new to fluff up the shop...its a personal challenge i am giving myself...which is tough for me because whenever i see a new pattern pop up i get all nutty! but then i go and use stuff like i did with this dress and fall in love with it! so its a good reminder again that we dont need to go crazy and spend money to make something that both you and the intended is going to love! (hopefully)


Whitney Hannah Hill said...

REALLY adorable! You are so right...handmade is ALWAYS more special of a gift. I hear you on using what you have. I get sooo enticed by new beads before I use what I already have - and thus have bins of old beads that I have a hard time being inspired by. (Sometimes I get inspired enough to sell old stones/beads on eBay, but it hardly ever pays off.) :(

Stacy said...

I feel like I should fess up and let you know I read your blog. It is on my reader so that means I get to see all of your posts. I love them. Nursing a baby has given me several time a day to do some quick internet checks and somehow I stumbled on your blog and now I have a 5 month old :) Not to mention Bodie is just ahead of Jane and you give me a heads up of what is to come. So I have been watching you secretly for a bit. Thought it is only fair to let you know and to give you our blog:

I love what you make and love seeing your CUUUTE kids! Happy blogging...keep it up for people like me.

Stacy (Keil) Demmin