Tuesday, September 29, 2009

backpack carrier - best evah

OMG(oodness) - can i tell you how excited i was to see this highlighted in the last issue of Mothering Magazine? bryan's parents lent us their backpack from the 70s that carried all of the Barnes' children (from when the eldest was 3 months)  and we recently returned it since they now have a grandbaby in their general vicinity- it was my preferred carrier for Bryson from about 6 months. he could see everything i could from my vantage point...he could stand on the little bar at my back like they like - EVERY time we went on a flight i foregoed strollers and used the backpack and it worked splendidly...it was so much easier on my back and not to mention masculine enough for Bryan to comfortably wear it also. (this pic is of bryson when he was around 1 yr.

anywhoooo...since returning it i have scoured craigslist and thrift stores and second-hand childrens stores to find something similar and NADA...all the backpacks now-a-days are clunky and heavy and cumbersome - not a daily choice! more like a once-in-a-blue-moon hiking choice...so imagine my excitement to see Kokopax makes one similar! its a little pricey (around $150) but, if you are any sort of a traveler - it is well worth it! 

I currently use the ergo for when i want to carry Bodie on my  back, but i think the backpack would be better for a couple reasons: 1. he can't bite my back as easy 2. he probably won't pull my hair so much 3. he can stand up on the bar 4. he can see things better (like at the aquarium for instance - we went last week and it was a little awkward in the ergo and 5. he can't bite my back as easy...did i already say that? yeah...we have a biting problem...its those dern badger teeth!

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