Thursday, September 24, 2009

9 Months Old!

Bodie O, Bodie Blue, Booga Man, Face, are 9 months old today...3/4 of a year...same amount of time on the outside as you were aren't too happy about that fact are sick, again. with a nasty flu can thank your brother...he likes to touch nasty stuff and pick his will do this too i am sure :) 

This month you started to notice daddy! da-da-da-da...big smiles and *kisses* even...big wet open mouth yummy kisses - the best kind! you also are still pushing out those honkin' front teeth! that means drool....lots and lots and lots of drool! you started doing your first signs - "all done" and you wave hi and goodbye. daddy swears you say "dut" for dirt...and "dunt" for dont...but i'm not so sure...i think that is more you copying us...but who knows - maybe daddy's right...i have no doubt you are a genus!

you also say the cutest "uh-oh" when you drop something - you laugh like crazy whenever you pull my hair and try to fit my face in your mouth.

it was your first time in the church nursery this month...for church and for MOPS - you did great! all the ladies were impressed by your muscle mass and  your skills...i guess they found out about your iron grip the hard way :)

we weighed you when you went to see auntie at her office so she could check on you - you weigh 21 pounds - 28 inches are floating more to the center of the growth chart...but too bad they dont check muscle mass because you are just a big muscle!

i hope you are finally over this Booga Man because we have missed you around here! Lovin you to pieces!

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