Friday, September 11, 2009

pockey pock

it is confirmed. bryson has an imaginary friend. i have heard him talking to him for about a month now...wasnt sure if he was sticking around, but it looks like he is to stay. today at the park he spilled his yogurt all over the grass and then told me, "oh it wasn't me mom, it was pockey pock" that was the first time he blamed anything on this imaginary friend...certainly not the last i am sure!

growing up i had myself 2 imaginary friends. one i dont remember - only hear from my parent's stories...her name was Sheta...pronounced sheh-ta...don't ask...don't know where the name came from. the second was Jan...jan was very plain - brown hair, brown eyes - very dull...i was always the center of attention when jan was around - it was great! okay that makes me a little freaky i admit.

anyway - tonight on the way to dinner bryson was talking to pockey pock as a person and i grabbed B's hand and asked bryson who he was talking to - B does not know about pockey pock...B does not pick up on the imaginary world like myself...i happen to live there about 1/3 of the day, so i tend to see these things...anyway - he got all embarassed (any time i have questioned bryson about him he gets silly and changes the subject) and when B encouraged him he told him that he is really really really little. B asked him where he lived and he said in a really really really little house...(duh)he said there were a lot of little pockey pocks and some of them lived in his head...he drew a picture for B at dinner of pockey pock...

i am sure pockey pock will find a way into our world in more affronting ways...knowing bryson this will happen shortly.


Paige said...

My brother had a friend named AppleHead who either lived down the street or in Los Angles, depending on how you phrased the question. He and my brother used to go knife throwing and hunting for "a pack-a dogs" and scorpions. Apparently, he and AppleHead also took trips to Las Vegas.

the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

OF COURSE your child has an imaginary friend. I'm so glad he feels comfortable enough to share him with you!!!

And don't you love the names of imaginary friends? Hilarious!

Punky said...

That totally sounds like bryson!