Friday, September 11, 2009

week in review

so this last week has been a little nutty for us. to recap:

1. last saturday 9/5 while attending the Greek Festival...bryan attempted the strong man hit the mallet on the thing and try to ring the bell thing...and broke his finger...after breaking it and having his buddy "set" it back in place he then fainted...the firemen were called and EMT and i almost got into a fight with a 50 yr old crazy lady whose booth B fainted in front was a CRAZY day. this is obviously the short of it...its much crazier and involved than all this - after an ER trip we learned he broke his pinkie in 3 places...he had a temporary cast and now has a finger splint and hasn't complained once. so there was that...

2. pseudo rebels have been recording a remix all week here and i have heard "I got a feelin" approximately 9.876 times. good times. good feelin' times i guess you would say.

3. MOPS started up again...yeah! so nice to have that grown up time for a couple hours!

4. Jr League started up again and I had a Jr League meeting here as well as a craft night this week and not to mention trying to sneak in the office whenever i can to deal with the monster pile that is my inbox

in between all the madness i have been able to steal my babies away to the park and the VA garden and the El Dorado Nature Walk and 2nd Street and the has been good to have some time with Bryson - he keeps trying to tell B to fire i dont have to work sad...he won't though me...i have tried...several times!

i am hoping this weekend is a little more laid back...we have plans every day so far, but hopefully we can find time in between to just RELAX! hope your weekend is peaceful and rejuvenating as well! Cheers!

P.S. isnt that picture just awesome? this is Bodie's new sign - "all done" - he says it like "da duh" and does a one hand interpretation...and Bryson picking his nose...of course...

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