Wednesday, September 16, 2009

birthday dress

this sweet little dress is going to a certain little fall birthday girl...who happens to be born on Halloween...who i had the pleasure of dancing with in Dallas...who is the sweetest little whiner i have ever seen..."mommy ehhh" - i am still working on her tutu because of course she needs that tutu for her upcoming dance classes, right mum?

i used the Olive Ann Designs To Tie For dress pattern. this is my new favorite pattern - it can be a dress or top - it has a pattern for a matching doll dress (can you say cuteness?) and headbands. what? amazing! it was a cinch to do - after the cutting was done i probably put it together in a little over an hour. i modified it a bit - i left out the giraffes however...probably much to my mother's delight :) inside joke...sorry...and added her initial and used less of a border for the bottom than it called for and my seam allowance was a little off - it called for 5/8" - i probably should've stuck with it, but it seemed way too narrow for the straps and arms - i didnt want it too low cut either.

isnt this fabric the cutest! this fabric just screamed little Eliot since she is a true fall baby like myself...and since she is turning 2 (what? really?) and becoming more picky about what she wears i really do hope she likes it! well...there is always the tutu in case this one doesn't work out baby girl!

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