Tuesday, September 1, 2009

adsense and nonsense

so...bryan being the bizness man of the fam - (total side note: i heard a female comedienne call her husband Left Brain...i am thinking of stealing that for future posts because he is SO my left brain!!!!)...decided i should put adsense on my blog. linz commented on the t.rojan ad (spelled this way to hopefully prevent future ads) and i too saw it right after B put it on my blog...WHAT the hey? what in my content constitued t.rojan? please tell me if my blog posts are dirty....or even PG rated...maybe it was my "taking charge of your fertility" post...BTW - month #1 was a success...in case you were curious...probably you weren't...but still...i totally messed up my charting and knew when i was in dangerous waters...i guess that is the "learning process"

anyway - apologies to my copious readers (mom) for the ad banners...i dont even know how exactly i will be paid, but i promise to spend the first check of $1.58 on t.rojans to ensure the success of TCOYF!

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