Monday, October 5, 2009

weekend madness - yucaipa lovin

my mother has been in town all week. it has been so wonderfully wonderful having my mommy around - to help clean the kitchen - make her amazing meatballs - help wake with the baby (who thinks 5:00 is a perfectly respectably hour to wake these days) babysit, unload sorta made me want a sister-wife...okay - maybe not a sister wife...maybe a maid? anyway - it has been so nice to have her - we miss her kinda a lot...we have done a lot this week (and not too many pictures to document it) we have cooked the following: banana muffins, banana bread, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken soup, pumpkin pancakes - all sorts of fall-ish yumminess! i have been able to sew also - having an extra mommy hand around has made this possible - i have made about 5 dresses, 2 pant sets, a baby blanket for a sweet baby girl just born last week and an apron. we have visited many parks - my mom took the kids to the beach twice - and this weekend...well lets just say we had some good times in corona and good ol yucaipa!

on saturday we started out EARLY on the run of death...Jake took us up a hill - 5 miles up a hill to be exact - and by up i mean UP - no leveling out...just straight was probably one of the most challenging runs ever! i remember at one point saying to myself "i just wish i could walk" and then realized i was walking and then i was like "crap" - it took us about 2 hours to get up and 40 minutes to get down...and both ways HURT. i am still hurting...i can't really use my legs and to go from sitting to standing is pretty unbearable...i just hope i heal in time for the 1/2 marathon this weekend!

And then we were off to have good times in Yucaipa! Dont believe me? well...its true...we went to Buddy (Jakob Jr)'s football game...where he is on the "special team" which apparently has nothing to do with his mental ability...its a football term so i learned...he is a lineman i believe? i dunno...he blocks people i think...which is funny because he still seems so little to me, but i guess he is one of the bigger boys on his team...and my niece Hope cheered for his team. she is doing so good - she is such a GIRL! she loves pink and cooking and crocheting - she made both myself and my mom a scarf...i told her she had to make 10 scarves and i would teach her to knit...i think she has made like 20 or something...her and buddy are staying with us next week for a couple days...i am already planning a sewing lesson for her...she is my little domesticated niece. she also loves to read and we are in our own little book club - we share books...anyway - the football game brought back all sorts of memories of when i was in H.S. and on the dance team and performed in the halftime shows and had to sit through the game absolutely clueless and just talking away the game...i pretty much did the same...although i did help with the times.

it just so happened one of our friends was celebrating her 27th birthday in Yucaipa at her parent's house and my brother-in-law's band Centrevol was a fun gig - her parents house had an amazing view and there was some yummy white sangria and we had a fun time dancing and singing along and hangin out sans kids!

the next day (Sunday) Jake and Bryan and my mom played golf and Mandie and I and the kids went to Riley's farms to do some apple picking...turns out due to the cold spring up there (in Oak Glen at the base of Big Bear Mountain) there were little apples to actually pick...we were a week late...but they had plenty else to do there fortunately - we went on a hayride, pet the pigs and horse and saw chickens and Bryson got to shoot a bow and arrow and Buddy got to throw knives. the kids pressed apples and made the BEST apple cider - plus we ate the most amazing caramel apples ever! it was super fun and want to make it a tradition to go back...although next year i would shoot for the last weekend of September...

i was so bummed because my camera ran out of battery - i think Mandie may have some on her iPhone...but i just caught one of the kids on the side of the road and then nuthin...booo...anyway - i am hoping i have some time this week to update the shop - so stay tuned!

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Punky said...

Sounds like an awesome week! I really have to go see you guys!