Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the portrait

i am so bad...i have been staring at this family making up all sorts of scenarios which involve a thanksgiving dinner with Conner (center) stoned and the grandpa kicking him out of the house and the younger brother Bradley (bottom left) admitting he is slightly homosexual and the daughter sneaking a drink of champagne.
i love the blog Sexy People - they really celebrate the beauty that is portraits. its funny because i remember someone telling me once that their psychologist asked her to bring a stack of family photos at their next session and from their photos she deduced all sorts of crazy things about their still to this day makes me nervous as hek to take a picture with my - what does my pose mean? or maybe i shouldn't have worn this - my kid may think its a statement. i dunno...but how can you not deduce so much from this family portrait? i love how the rocker in the middle is the only one looking at the camera and the rest of the family is looking at various points...somewhere...and the leaning is a little much...but seriously...this is awesome!


Rashelle said...

I love Olan Mills! My favorite backdrop was the forest scene with the stump (or log) seat maybe covered with the fur blanket...I don't know, maybe.

Mor Mor said...

Hey you heard that from ME. I probably told you about my Uncle Walt who was always way out on the edge of every family picture we took and it was Aunt Bernice's counselor that asked for the pictures and said they told the story. BUT...every picture your famiy takes is GORGEOUS because you are!

linsey said...

nice new Trojan ad at the bottom of your blog...and it is a huuuuge ad too ;)