Monday, August 10, 2009

Bryson the champion

we are was so nice to have so much time with B's parents and hang out in san jose...but it sure feels good to be home! especially with Bodie sleeping again through the night last night...he doesnt like to do that so much in other people's homes i suppose! i will be posting more about our time because i want to make sure to journal it, but wanted to share these pics first B took of bryson. this first one i feel like he looks 2 years older than he is...i also feel like i can see what he is going to look like when he gets older...he is losing that baby face...awww...i think the hair is also quite lovely!

this picture is definitely getting framed. what a beautiful portrait of bryson

- it totally captures him - its him! his gaze off to who knows what he could be getting into next - the snot smear on his cheek - the dirty nose - the bump on his head - that sly smile...I love it! B is getting quite handy with the camera!

i had to write some of the amazing things he has said lately...

1. (while in the jogging stroller while bryan and i were running this morning and him pestering me for 5 minutes asking if he could run) "Mommy when are you going to tell Daddy, 'let him run already?' - the scary part is that he totally nailed my tone!

2. (while golfing with B he told B that the golf ball he was hitting was a blood ball and B asked why) "Because i smacked it so hard it was bleeding!"

3. "I totally smoked the ball" (while golfing)

4. (B put up a golf net so bryson could get more serious about his game - bryson was impressed) "Dad you are like the champion of the net. You are the champion Dad"


Kaci Lundgren said...

Your handsome son looks like the boy in Australia (the movie), in my opinion. Here's what Sam said this morning: "What if all your blood went into your toe and then they had to cut it off and pour it all back all over your body." Nice mental image.

the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

Such a big boy...I love it! Let's schedule a night for you guys to come to dinner. I have a recipe that I want to cook with Bryson!