Monday, August 17, 2009

froggy bokeh

oh the misunderstood bullfrog. we used to catch them when we were little and have frog races. mark twain style...back in the 1800s when i was a wee lass...anyway - they are fun to catch and when we had our lake stay there were a plenty. i thought i would surprise my MIL and just stood there next to her and she FREAKED out...knocked over all sorts of stuff and almost went in the fire.
later that night when i was attempting to sleep with the boys in the tent bryan came in and put one on my sleeping bag. i asked him to please take it outside or else bryson will want to take it home. i think he thought there was going to be a scream and i think everyone was dissapointed outside the tent that there was no show. sorry - but i love these little guys!

if you can click on the picture to zoom in and see her face it is amazing...sorry kathy, but you are the most perfect person to go to when one wants a reaction...its the italian thing!


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

Love how you threw out bokeh in the title! Aren't you a photo know it all now?! ; )

Mor Mor said...

THAT'S MY GIRL!!!! Loved the frog thingy with Kathy. You are such a tease, but love it that you would continue to catch frogs.