Monday, August 17, 2009

troll 2

so i heard this interview on NPR about The Best Worst Movie - a documentary from the child actor who plays Joshua in Troll 2 - all about this horrible horror move made in 1990. it was such a great interview...a great idea about a horrible movie.

now i love me some bad movies...i LOVED mystery science theater 3000 and totally appreciate cult movies and "bad" movies, but this one really takes the cake.

bryan...not so much into it...wouldnt really tolerate it...i wish i had someone with me when i watched it because i feel like the heckling is really a part of the experience. during the interview the director even commented that part of the appeal of a bad movie is that when you experience something horrible - i.e. sour milk - you automatically turn to the next person and say, "this is horrible! taste this...or smell this..."

i truly loved how horrible a film this was, but i watched it last night and have been pondering it all day...i have a few questions about it...

1. what does this have to do with Troll (1)? the original movie is about trolls (large almost giant-like dumb mystical creatures) this movie was about goblins (small dwarf-like michevious creatures)

2. why would you name the movie Troll when the movie is in fact about goblins?

3. the ending (WARNING SPOILER ALERT) so in the end there are a family of goblins he didnt destroy that end up eating the little boy's mom...ummm...i though that they destroyed the mystical stone from stonehenge that obliviates the goblins' did goblins survive? (maybe that is for Troll 3...hmmm...will just have to wait i suppose)

4. the double decker bologne sandwich...repelled the goblins so that they couldn't touch him...ummm yes that is my question i guess.

5. grandpa seth - he is dead but joshua the little boy sees him and talks to him...then he comes back in physical form then dies then comes back again then leaves again (for good?) ... already confusing, but at one point a goblin sends him back to hell at which point joshua asks him if he is in hell and the grandpa tells him that he is not but he has learned how to do this...and this is making the goblin catch on spontaneous fire... this is perhaps my favorite part of the movie, but also the most confusing

i am not sure why i am even trying to make sense of this movie...maybe that is part of the human condition that we try to make sense of everything. please please please rent this movie. please please please try to answer my questions. i would sleep better. or maybe i would just laugh that you actually watched this movie too. i am excited to see the documentary and also to make NILBOG shirts...cause i need one for sure!

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