Monday, August 24, 2009

work schmerk

so i am in the office all week...nasty times...that end of the month! i have a lot to do in here - we are switching our company entity so i have had the amazing privilege of speaking with the franchise tax board, the city of finance in los angeles, the secretary of state in california, the i.r.s, payroll, the l.a. health department...let me just tell you - you want to have a fun day? call as many government entities as possible...just grab a nice book...put the phone on speaker and make sure no one is around to kill when you get switched from person to person for the first thirty minutes. this on top of my social security experience with Bodie is enough to confirm my will turn anyone pro-anarchy...

but on a positive note - i am thankful that i get to work at home in an office...not away in a cubicle somewhere like in my previous i can observe and participate in the following:

1. (me) "bryson why are you arguing with me?"
(bryson...laughing) "mahm...i'm not arglu-ing...i am happy...i'not arglu-ing"

2. bryson running into the office and jumping up on my lap to give me a hug and saying "mom can i get down so i can faht?" he then gets down and farts and gets back on "i love you thats why i dont faht on you!"

3. bryson getting mad and saying "i'm just gastrated"...i think it is something between exasperated and frustrated but i think it is the perfect way to describe it when your stomach is upset and you are in a foul mood...i'm using it...

4. nursing bodie any time he wants/needs it

5. fixing breakfast and dinner for my boys

6. hearing bodie awake from his nap and removing him from his crib - his sweet waking up smile and big cuddles - waking up is the best!

7. bryan fixing me an awesome panini lunch and eating together - the 4 of us - for breakfast lunch and dinner!

this has been a very purposeful exercise for me - to find the simple joys in owning our own may be overwhelming a lot of the time and taxing and depressing, but these simple joys help me to keep pressing on.


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

Don't forget how helpful your working from home is to your cousin whenever she needs to stop off the freeway for a pit stop! : )

Whitney Hannah Hill said...

Great way to look at it - I understand how hard it can be to work from home (or NOT work from home) which is what is happening here these days. :)I laughed out loud about calling all the government offices - I can only imagine how horrible that must have been!