Monday, August 10, 2009

barnes family reunion

we had originally planned to go up north to the barnes family reunion and ended up extending our stay in san jose. this year they had it at lake camanche near sacramento. our site was literally on the lake's edge - so that was both great and terrifying all at the same time. with a bunch of kids running around and a bunch of parents all thinking their kid is being watched = no kids being watched. but no one got hurt and fun was had by all...and food was had by all...oh my lordy...the food....

this family and food...its quite a spectacle let me tell you. now - i LOVE me some bar-b-que...i mean...seriously...i have a problem...i told bryan he should find a cologne that kinda smelled like bbq sauce and i would be all over him...and i was only sorta kidding.

so i married into the right family...because they know how to do it...and they aren't shy about it...and they do it every time we get together...and i am not complaining a bit!

(this picture is of bryson and bryan's cousin Danielle's son Jaydon - isn't he a doll?)

so anyway...back to the food...ah yes...the lovely - it was dark and the food was covered, but we had corn covered in mayo and chili powder and parmesan, erica's cheese and mac, every kind of meat imaginable - links, tri-tip, chicken, ribs, you name it - it was in there (except hot dogs and burgers because please...come on now) uncle henry made his beans, rice, cousin nyka made her homemade salsa, fruit salad (that was about the only wholesome thing on the table). oh lordy but it was amazing. last time we went - i think 2 years ago...they took a post office crate and piled all the meat in was awesome. i can't wait till next year

this little girl's name was Mya - she was Bob's half-sister from Texas' granddaughter. she was just about the sweetest thing ever! bryson told me she was his girlfriend...not sure how much blood they actually share, so wasn't too worried, but still... her and bryson played so well together - it was so fun to watch! bryson was loving the lake and wore himself out both days both swimming in and throwing things in the lake.

i love this picture of kristie and her baby girl kassai. this little girl has amazing balance. she is almost exactly 1 month younger than bodie, but she stands up all the time - they kept letting go and she balanced...for 10 seconds! what 6 month old does that? she is going to be walking by 10 whatever that is worth :)

another shot of the lake - the kids at the lake - bryson probably throwing rocks...

dustin cooking something yummy and bryan's cousin danielle and her boy sleeping.

henry at the grill (doesnt he look just like bob?)

after all night long fishing for catfish with about 6 lines...henry finally caught his big ol' catfish on sunday morning.
it was so nice to have a family reunion last more than a couple hours - i sometimes only see them 1x a year, so it was nice to be able to sit down and chat and catch up and eat and eat and eat and talk and hang out and eat...did i mention eat?

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