Thursday, August 6, 2009

taking charge of your fertility

we have been away all week up north visiting B's fam...its been great - built-in sitters are always a plus! i have been able to finally read this book. my cousin recommended it to me while i was trying to get pregnant the second time around...a ton of her friends had great success with the book and so she recommended it...i bought it and read like 2 chapters and got pregnant by luck...nothing to do with the book...i never got around to charting...or even finishing the book! but i had every intention of using it as a form of birth control once that was needed...little did i know i would need it so soon!!

i have been super lazy...i didnt read the book...we have been really lucky that we haven't gotten pregnant - but i just finished it and am really excited about it and just kicking myself that i didnt do this sooner. i guess the whole charting and process of it all overwhelmed me, but i think after reading the book and the benefits of knowing my cycle apart from birth control - its worth it! i am going to commit to doing it at least for a couple of months. it is a commitment too...much more involved than taking a pill, but ultimately i think it will be nothing but good. PLUS i just finished the chapter on using FAM (fertility awareness method) for choosing the gender of your baby and it says if done correctly the success rate for having a girl is 70% or higher and for having a boy is 85% or higher...its a challenge i am up for anyway!

i would highly recommend this book for EVERY female out there...not just those wanting birth control or to get pregnant...but everyone...there is so much in here that was never taught to us - so many doctor's visits and embarassing questions avoided if we only knew our bodies as well as we should, without masking things with is eye opening to say the least...

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Paige said...

Ok, so now you are the third person in the last two weeks to recommend this book. Let me know how the whole charting thing goes... I am VERY curious!