Tuesday, August 11, 2009

under the boardwalk

Part of what was so nice in spending a longer time up north was our day trips...we went to santa cruz twice, to monterey - bryan went up to sacramento and golfed...3 times...not all in sacramento...i realize that sentence was misleading...we met up with friends and snuck in a date (to celebrate our anniversary 1 month later). we are so lucky/blessed to have such great grandparents to our kids that enjoy babysitting...that not only enjoy it, but embrace it and live it up with them! bryson never wants to leave and always asks to go back and i wouldnt either if i got to skateboard and rollerblade throughout my grandparent's house!

this is us at santa cruz. this is the only family pic we took that turned out halfway decent...i really need to use my coupon for a family photo sesh that i won!
i had only been to the boardwalk once and it was during the fall, so i didnt ever get to see the rides and the atmosphere of the summer, so it was a lot of fun to be able to experience where bryan spent a lot of childhood summers. we went on a monday evening when it was $.75 night - all the rides (and hot dogs and coke) were only $.75! we rode the infamous big dipper and the log ride and bryson rode a ton of rides...mostly by himself...and had a blast! we played the boardwalk games and had hot dogs and enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful beach!

after the boardwalk we walked along the pier right during sunset. we couldn't have planned it better...the weather was great - the sunset was breathtaking. the sea lions were talking with Bob the whole time - it was a lovely evening!

the whole barnes clan...well not the whole clan, but you know...us and the 'rents!

couldnt help but get some sunset pics. i love the one bryan took of bryson with the telescope - i believe this one deserves some framing as well!

we went to santa cruz again on wed night for a bonfire - apparantly they would just dig a hole in the sand and throw the wood down and go for it...i was so shocked - that would never fly in socal! they assured us they just did it a month ago and we saw burnt wood droppings around which confirmed this, but then a ranger pulled up and told us we needed to find a pit because last week he had to escort 3 little kids to the ER for burn wounds...ummm...yes...bryson probably could have easily been the 4th...that kid and danger just go together! we found a pit and a lovely coved beach and delighted on smores with reeses peanut butter cups in lieu of hershey's (i stuck to dark chocolate with caramel inside - the BEST) they were a hit with everyone...bryson had a blast and his shoe was halfway filled with sand, which is now all over my car, but it was a great little token of our trip!

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