Sunday, March 1, 2009

who knew?

who knew sewing for boys could be fun too? i finally found some decent fabric that wasn't girly and wasn't too BOY-ish that i mean filled with trucks or planes or

some other silly novelty type print. if anyone knows a place to get decent gender neutral/boy fabric that is not lame let me know! anyway - i used amy butler's same pattern as i had before for Bodie's kimono. i made it 9-12 months because my plan is to get the boys' pictures done when Bodie is old enough to sit up and i think he will most likely be in that size by that time...he is pushing out of his 3-6 months already - he fits his 6-9 month sleepers great right crazy...bryson was in 6-9 months until close to his first birthday! anwyay...i tried it on him just for fun...because i thought it turned out so darling...there was a little fabric left over and so i finally made Bryson his Bison shirt. it was pretty stinkin cute because i yelled for him and told him i made him something...he got real excited and i showed him and he said, "oh yeah...thats what i wanted...what is it?" i told him it was a Bison and then he told me, "i dont think its a bison...i think its a horse" i dont know...i thought it looked obvious, but maybe not so much! well he liked it anyway and they match in a not-so-annoying way i thought. it was so nice to have a chunk of time today to sit down and get some projects done. its been a while! bryan golfed today so we both got to do things we love! if only bryson would have napped instead of obsessively cutting paper ALL over the room...he is into scissors right now...but i did manage to finish these two outfits, plus a couple other projects that were sitting in my "to be done" box, which is quite large at the moment.

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The BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

So cute! Love the colors and the bison!