Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3 Months Old

Bodie - you are 3 months old today!
You Weigh: 15 lbs 3 oz
You are 25 inches Long

You Like it When:
Brother does rasberries on your stomach, when Daddy holds you out in front of him and makes silly faces, when Mommy gives you kisses
You Don’t Like it When: I try to pick out boogers from your nose, Brother pushes you too hard on your swing, When you get woken up and when you are sick :(
Your Favorite Things: you like the blanket I made you - you like to cover your face in it when you are tired and want to nap - it freaks mommy out, but you do it every time and love it! You still love to be swaddled, but you break out every time! you love the swing!

What You Can Do Now: you can roll over, you are engaging with us all more, you found your toes the other day, you splash when you are in the tub, you are getting better at grabbing, you are holding your head up all the time!~
How You Sleep: you have been sleeping great....then you got sick - you got your first fever 2 weeks ago...got better for a couple days...got a fever again...got better for a week and last night you had a fever again. you have been a trooper, but not the best sleeper...which is understandable, but please get better soon so mommy can sleep a little too, k? you have insisted in sleeping in my arms, which is nice because you are so cuddly, but you are also HEAVY! you make my arm fall asleep!

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