Thursday, March 19, 2009


its starting to pop up...i know that southern california doesnt have much in the way of seasons and one who lives here and has grown up here needs to pay special attention to the "seasons" in order to categorize them. we happen to live in a wonderfully landscaped neighborhood and i always enjoy early morning runs in the springtime to appreciate the notions of spring that pop up around this time. our front yard has a host of new transplants that have surprised us over the past week by what is popping up. this red tulip in particular has brought me much joy this week. it greets me coming and going and although i have contemplated cutting him and bringing him inside, i can't bear to. he just seems so happy where he is. i also am excited about this iris about to bloom. its a small miracle how these flowers tend to pop out of the ground right when we need them!

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