Thursday, March 12, 2009


i met up with Vanessa from college today at Santa Ana Zoo along with her two gorgeous kids Violet and Cohen. Bryson, as usual, was so sweet with Violet. it is funny to see him be sweet with anyone...and the fact that she is a little girl makes it so sweet to watch.

i think this picture of bryson doing the peace sign is funny. now when i tell him to pose this is what he does...or put up one finger, or make rings around his eyes. i dont believe he intentionally makes a peace sign...which makes it funny to me. also he looks so old in this picture - he is just getting smarter by the day - which is scary. our old "tricks" dont work on him. like for instance sometimes when i put him down to bed and he starts in on the first of a thousand, "wait, mommy...i need...." i tell him that i need to go potty - its the only way he'll let me go (which is probably why he also does it every time he sits down at the dinner table...little turkey) but tonight i tried it and he insisted i go in the green bathroom, which is right across the hall from his room...he also tried to make the deal sweeter by telling me, "i won't smell it mommy" ....nice.

anyway, it was good to meet up with Vanessa and her babes - we always have a nice time together - we have very similar mothering philosophies, which makes things easy.

oh, and i had to add a pic of poor Bodie who hung out in the Moby all day so he really didnt get much photo oppage...isn't this onesie cute? thank you Angie of The Outfit - our friend and her husband designs and sells their tees among other fabulous hand-made and american made products- you can find them here and here.

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