Monday, March 16, 2009

watch out violet!

what is with my son and all these women? i am seriously in for it...we met up with rashelle and my god-daughter charlotte today at the arboretum - a beautiful day for a walk and a picnic! charlotte and bryson enjoyed frolicking off the path and picking the citrus...oops...and rolling down hills while rashelle and i enjoyed each other's company. i am so excited for baby delia to come and for charlotte to be a big sister!
i've included a picture of bryson in his sweet AIG soccer shirt...bryson dresses himself and picks his own clothes out...its one battle that i have given up. also - still not sure about the fingers and the posing...i think he thinks he should do something with them because holding them still is so awkward and it reminds me of prom and high school dance pictures where you never know what to do with the guy and how to stand because it is all so awkward...good times...

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