Monday, March 2, 2009

ergo love

i love my moby...well jena's moby...but i mean the moby in general. no lying i have used it EVERY day since Bodie was born...well maybe one or two days i perhaps a little bit of lying, but to get my point across it is much more emphatic to say EVERY day. anyways - a lot of moms have told me that the moby is great for the first 3 months and then it gets harder to fit them in there...i can see why that would be, but i have also seen moms wearing their 1-year-olds in their moby' any rate it can be a hassle to take on and off and on and off - for instance - while running errands it is not so much fun to take him in and out and in and out - and i have to run errands a lot because of our business. i did not enjoy the Baby Bjorn either. my husband likes it and has worn Bodie in it (facing out already no less!) but for me the straps cut into my shoulders and it was really heavy on my back. i have heard a lot about the Ergo and i have yet to hear a negative thing about it - everyone that uses it seems to LOVE it - actually i did hear one negative thing (i am all about exaggerations today!) i heard one mom say it was a bit of a bummer that you can't face the kid out...which would have been a BIG problem with Bryson, but with Bodie i can see that perhaps not being an issue...

So the thing about Ergo's is that nobody parts with them apparantly - not on Ebay or Craigslist - I am also a little picky on the color of it, but still - they must be good! So in my effort to not buy any more baby/kid stuff i posted a bunch of stuff left over from Bryson that i dont use anymore on Ebay and with all my postings i was able to purchase one from an ebay technically i did buy it, but i like to think of it more like a trade...

I used it for Bodie at Disneyland this week and he is still a bit small - it wasnt the greatest fit and i am too cheap to buy the infant insert. Bryan was asking me the weight limit and i had read this on their website:

"ERGObaby recommends a weight limit of 40 pounds for its carrier; however, the carrier has been tested up to 90 pounds. Our carrier will accommodate you as long as you would like to carry and/or your baby would like to be carried."

so we wanted to test it...bryson looks severely non-plussed in these pictures, but it was a novelty. we are going to bring it hiking with us just in case bryson decides he doesnt want to go any further.

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The BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

At first, I was like why is Bryan wearing an ovenmit. Ha! Shannon and Danny are an ergo family...and ya, they LOVE it.