Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my poor son

bryson has had to be the model of many of my dress-making and store goodies escapades to see if they would fit for the intended..i came across a folder of them and they were too funny - i had to post them - if he hates me for it...so be it...when i had him try on one of the last ones i made he said, "um...i dont think this is for boys." but he is a good sport and even poses for me most of the time. dont worry - i wont make him do it past 3...unless he wants to!
PS - isnt the last one - the one with the cape on... so lovely with all his boogers? that is the perpetual March runny nose...it is all the style with the 3 year old set. every shirt and pant that he owns has booger trails...lovely...

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