Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Square Foot Garden Trimming

bryson helped me trim today. part of why i love this method of gardening (besides the fact that someone as gardening-challenged as myself can do it...seriously...i kill even fake plants) is that it is so kid-friendly. there are several things for the kiddos to do that actually help, instead of "helping" (read: keep them busy with silly tasks while you get work done). today we needed to trim the box #1 - the box with the "winter" veggies. the author says to only plant 2-3 seeds in each hole and when you trim to use scissors instead of pulling out the seedlings and disturbing the "good" sprout's roots. this perfectly combined bryson's obsession with scissors and his love of the garden/outside. he asks to plant all the time. its nice that he feels a part of it. he also LOVES watering. oh my goodness...that boy and the hose...he gets this crazed look on his face when he waters the garden...scary! speaking of watering - i decided to start hosing down the patio furniture thinking it might be time to start eating outside again soon and found a bunch of spiders and caught some of them and noticed an orange hourglass on their bellies...could there be such a thing as brown widows?? turns out...there are- and their venom is apparantly twice as potent as black widows...great! we will not be eating out until pest control comes ASAP!! bryson of course was obsessed and asked to blog about it. i am getting very excited about our little garden - we check it every day and bryson is learning a lot about how things grow...that and spiders...he can't get over the spiders!

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