Thursday, February 26, 2009

pickles and suckers

i had to post grossed me out so much! we went to disneyland today with gandpa craig and gammy julie and buddy, hope and katlyn and bryson wanted a pickle today REAL bad. he also had the sucker gammy gave him in his other hand and took turns biting the pickle and licking the sucker. so unbelievably gross! i kept thinking that it cant be good...not even for a 3 year old but he went at it for about 20 minutes. he finished the whole pickle. that kid ate more today than i have EVER seen him...i dont know if it is a growth spurt or if disneyland makes him hungry, but man alive he was a garbage disposal. and for being at disneyland he ate fairly healthy - 2 apples, string cheese, yogurt, craisins, la brea bakery hot dog (which are HUGE and he ate the whole thing) the pickle of course, the sucker, watermelon, strawberry and a couple bites of katlyn's sorbert. amazing. i guess i need to start getting used to this - i have a feeling bodie might be a healthy eater...costco here i come!

I nursed Bodie today on Pirates of the Carribean... i typically never leave disneyland without riding it and from having an annual pass for years in h.s. and now that is a lot of times i have ridden it...i thought of all the different circumstances and giggled that now here i am nursing a baby on this ride...i also nursed him next to california screamin and buzz lightyear and the parking was quite an experience...

oh...also...another potty training tip...ask your toddler BEFORE you stand in a 40 minute line if they have to potty because they will ALWAYS need to potty while in a line...ALWAYS. whether disneyland or the post office or the target return line. its inevitable.

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Solera said...

Actually, that sounds kind of good. Kind of reminds me of eating li hing mui stuck in a lemon.