Friday, July 31, 2009

missing you

our house is so quiet without our dear boy...bodie has been sleeping in his room and i think bryson is going to come home to find a new roommate...which he SAYS he is excited about...hmmm...we'll see! i am excited to see him, although i am sure he could easily go another week without seeing me...but i did find a way to get him on the phone! call at his bedtime...he LOVED an excuse to stall - he talked to me for 10 minutes and told me all about his day and everything he did and when he is going to see me and that we are going camping...

this picture is from one of our nightly twilight walks...he loves to find imprints in the concrete - he calls them fossils...i think i miss his motivation the most...i am kinda a bum when he isnt here and kinda just mope - i get 1/2 of what i normally do...bryson just is a constant motivating factor. i miss that most...he is keeping his meema and papa BUSY. it made me feel really good when KATHY even said she was tired from keeping up with him...apparantly we need to get a golf net though because bryson played golf in their backyard for 3 1/2 hours. by himself. indeed!

we are off tomorrow to camp and re-une...i dont think its a fact pretty sure its not, but looking forward to seeing B's family...they are always so fun...and OH MY LORDY the FOOD - holy shpitolee....i will take pictures. one year they used a postal crate and dumped all the meat in was fantastic...there will be amazing food...i will come back 10 pounds fatter...and i wont care...

have a good weekend!

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