Friday, July 10, 2009

Evolution of the Crawl

so - i had the foresight this time to document bodie's crawling progression. i find it fascinating to watch babies figure out how to move their bodies. i read once that our 6th sense is actually proprioception - knowing your body and how to move it - its amazing how early that sense kicks in! bodie went from wild thrashing, to inchworm and army crawl to getting up on his knees - if you have a few minutes it is kinda cool to watch!

these are also on my youtube channel in case you subscribe...kimmy...

May 31st

June 14th

June 23rd

July 10th

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Mor Mor said...

LOVED the crawling progressions. Bodie is BRILLIANT! He's on the same path as his Uncle Jake. Going to walk early I bet! Lots of lovin from MOR MOR