Saturday, July 25, 2009


okay...if you KNOW me...i mean KNOW as in...have eaten numerous meals with me...may or may not have lived or spent the night several times to have known me that way...been friends since too embarrassed to say how many years...related to me so all the above probably will probably know my infatuation with mom and sister know this...let me just say my blood pressure is consistently low...90/ i use the excuse that my body needs salt, craves it even because it is lacking...whatever the salt debate is throughout the years i dont mind it...because i continue to use it...

since following cooking shows and being more into cooking as my married/motherly years grow in age i have come to love kosher and sea salt...i feel like they dont cover the flavor of foods but enhance it. we keep a bowl at our range which we sprinkle when necessary...and its usually necessary to me. but i just read an article i think all can benefit from when it comes to this wonderful no other than Readymade (which i am proud to say i have subscribed since volume 3)

(this is taken - and paraphrased - from June/July 2009 issue)

*cool off*
chill your favorite bottle of champagne or white wine with a layer of salt mixed in with the ice

*table manners*
if you spill during worries...blot and cover the stain with salt - its absorbing powers will soak it up as you finish your vituals

*smoke and fire*
cover the oven floor spills with salt to stop it from smoking (p.s. salt does great at smothering grease fires)

*foodie facial*
just 1 tsp of olive oil mixed with 1 tsp of salt is a great face mask! mix and gently massage your face....also helps with puffy eyes! dissolve 1 tsp salt in 1 cup warm water. soak cotton pads in the solution and place onto closed home spa bliss

*beet it*
if beets or blueberries or other foods stain your hands make a paste with equal parts salt and vinegar and rub over your hands

*send ants marching home*
place a thin line of salt wherever you see our little friends entering your abode - they will not cross the salty path!

*scour power*
clean your cast-iron and stainless steel pans with salt and a little cooking oil on a dish cloth to wipe away the built up residue

*beach beauty*
if you are like me...perhaps fair skin and averse to the beach scene but love the look and feel of sea-hair...mix the salt in a spray bottle full of water and apply and scrunch and go! beauty for cheap! (no tan, but if you are also like me you wouldn't have one anyway!)

*a cut above*
hate those stains in your wooden cutting board? i do...just rub them with a bit of salt and a lemon wedge... brush the salt away and let dry i hope it stops the salt haters out there...and i hope it helps some of you to find some chemical alternatives/cheap ways to deal with everyday annoyances!

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the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

The rerun of Bones on Thurs night was about a body being found in a vat of salt. Turns out the salt really is absorbent because it totally mummified the victim. Just thought you'd like to know. {smirk}

linsey said...

mmmmmm, salt. i have low blood pressure too and i have a serious craving for salt! i think you are onto something carlee :). we low bp people NEED it.