Wednesday, July 22, 2009

VA Garden Panini

i had to post this because it was a true stroke of culinary brilliance on my part that birthed this sandwich...over-exaggerating you think? well...ha!...i implore you to decide that for yourself after making it!

bryan had every intention of putting off work for another hour or so after our VA garden trip (see previous post) and going out to lunch, however the thought of walking another mile in today's heat coupled with my cheap-o-ness (yes i made that up) made me start thinking of sandwich concoctions that would entice him to eat at home. we had just bought these amazing veggies...i knew i had brie...i knew i had some cracked wheat sourdough...i knew i have this amazing panini maker that came with my pots and pans i got for my 29th birthday and so i told him my idea...he was sold...and home we came.

i cut thick slices of the brie and thick heirloom tomato slices from the garden and added a nice big pile of beautiful chard (although i hate that word...too close probably know) i sprinkled some e.v. olive oil and balsamic vinegar and of course buttered the cracked wheat sourdough bread and pressed it in my panini maker. oh dear...i am in love...with a sandwich...i hope i am not pregnant because i have been thinking about it all day...pregnancy does that to a woman by the way.

by the way...i had asked the lady at the VA garden for spinach and she talked me out of it. i think they secretly didn't have any...but she told me that i should get their chard instead. i don't usually use it, but how amazing...i am now on my way to look up chard recipes and then go back to the garden to buy 5 more bags....

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