Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the end of the co-sleeper an attempt to keep myself together i had a hair appt at a girlfriend's house last night - i put both of the boys to bed and sped off...bodie woke up (not a surprise) and bryan heard him but was trying to see if he was just fussing or truly up...i should have warned him that not only can our bodie bo crawl...he can also climb...and that he did - right out of the co-sleeper across the bed and onto the floor! luckily he fell sideways and not onto his head...luckily he is so big he kinda bounced off the ground...he is fine...thankfully...but that now means the co-sleeper is put away and i have to figure out sleeping arrangements NOW. i thought i would have time - i keep putting it off and putting it longer...part of what has made me not do anything about it is that it is so much easier to co-sleep with a nursing baby...but the part that makes me want to change things is that he wakes so often he is keeping all 3 of us up. i told bryson that bodie was going to sleep in his room soon and he got sooo excited (remember this bryson - you asked for it!) so here we go...this is going to be a tough road getting bodie to sleep - i believe it will be far tougher than it was with bryson even because bryson had no need for need...still doesnt - i force it out of him every chance i get.

on another note - i finally took dear bodie in to the *doctor* (my sister) and she thinks he may have a mild pertusis...this cough he has had since he is now on an antibiotic and i am looking forward to no runny noses and coughs and hoping that will also help him sleep a little better. i am going to get a probiotic today - i think i found one for babies...not sure if they carry it at our whole foods...also - they weighed him - 20lbs 27inches and head is 18cm

PS: can you see those teeth?


the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

My WF is ginormous. Let me know if you need me to pick something up for you and I can drop it off during a potty stop. ; )

Rashelle said...

Wow, pretty glad I didn't come by with Delia today...a mild case for Bodie could have translated to a serious case for her :( Poor little guy, hope he gets better soon.