Wednesday, July 29, 2009

7 Months Old are now 7 months old. yay! this month you started eating...solids...a lot more regularly. you have tried so many different types of food - you even recently started eating/gumming the little fruit grain puff things. you seem to love anything bread-ish - love gumming foods like carrots and celery and teething biscuits and our fingers...

this is the month you finally got over your cough! your first trip to see auntie sara at her office and she prescribed you antibiotics which helped you get better! this has also helped you sleep better, which mommy is VERY thankful for! we moved you into a "crib" by our bed since you crawled out of the co-sleeper and it has vastly improved on your waking up every 1-2 hours. last night you slept from 8 until 5 a.m. and the night before you slept till 6 a.m. - (i'm not holding my breath but relishing in the new sleeping arrangements!)

also...this happened...and happens...a lot. you have taken a lot of spills because you can't quite seem to exit the standing mode so gracefully, but you are trying to pull yourself up to standing anywhere you can...mostly to get to me...i am not a fan of this by the way young man...this is way too soon to be doing this...this makes me very nervous that you might start walking before 1 year...please don't do that...please!!!! i like carrying you around - it is so much easier on mommy...once you start walking that is over!

it is so much fun to watch you grow and figure things out and learn to call out "mamammaa" and "dadadada" and start becoming a little person. your spirit is so full of love and tenderness we can't help but be melted by your smile every day! you are a joy Bodie Owen!

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