Thursday, July 9, 2009

the fourth

brought to you finally on the 9th...sorry...we run a pool business...its july...thats all i have to say. no its not...but thats all i will say about that right now...i wanted to document our lovely 4th instead of're welcome.

we decided to stay in town, which i think was the right decision because we had a packed long thur-mon weekend of dear friends, family, out of town guests and parties...i finally took the deflated balloons down because bryson kept saying "look the balloons that means its still a party!" on tuesday...sorry is over!

on the 4th we did the kids bike parade in the morning - we biked down there all the way from our house, which was like the only exercise i have done in about a month and i was complaning the entire way. then we had jake and mandie and the kids over for some BBQ and pool party and good times...the biggest bummer was when Hopie fell into our skimmer and had to go to the ER - she missed the fireworks (so did we) and had a drunk girl kiss her and had to get 3 stitches on her least it will be memorable!

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