Thursday, July 30, 2009

i heart video monitors

i am not a *techno* person...if that is a term...not sure...because i don't usually care. my phone is practical - i dont want email going to computer bryan bought...this blog is about all i can do with computers...cut and took me about a year to find out how to post a mom got me a camera to skype and i still have yet to figure it grandma sent me a pic text before i ever did...anyway - you get the picture!

i had to share this *product review* because i think it just saved me probably 30 minutes of my *alone* time last night (bryan was out wit da boyz). Its the Summer Video Monitor and I highly recommend it if you are as neurotic as I am.

my girlfriend had a similar video monitor with her daughter and she sold me on it. i can't tell you how many times i woke my baby just to *check* on them (i.e. make sure they are breathing, not tangled in blankets, buried under a ceiling fan) its amazing how many different ways a mother can imagine their child in danger! truly...amazing.

anyway...back to my story. so i love watching my baby sleep in the video. i love watching them breathe and not touching their back or feeling their breath praying they dont wake. so anyway - this night i was reading a book alone and looked over at the monitor and saw my cat licking herself next to my child!! why my cat thinks the baby's bed is her bed is beyond me. yes arwen was our first *baby* but seriously...

i walked in the room and just over to the baby's bed (pack n play in our room at this point in our lives) and the cat jumped out - she so knew how wrong that was. i removed the cat and closed the door and baby continued (thankfully) to sleep. if i didnt have that monitor i know that darned cat would have head-butted my sleeping child...that cat and her head butting! so thank you Summer Video Monitor!!

the only negative thing about it is the range kinda stinks...also there can be electric interference a lot, so i usually have the volume way down and rely on visual and the noise light sensor. BUT it is portable...we take it with us on trips and the video is handheld and can be unplugged (but dont use the video all the time that way because it wears out the batteries)

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