Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the wedge

bryan's parents were down this weekend.

they came and hung out and then took my big boy with them on a plane back to san jose.

i was a little sad about that...not going to lie...a little happy about that too. lets just say bryson has been actively testing boundaries for the past week...he's been trying to find that spot between getting me mad and getting away with whatever he is doing.

he is gone now and leaves such a quiet void in our house it is very sad. i called him and he didnt want to talk to me and only told me that he didnt know if he wanted to come back. the boy played tennis with meema, swam with his cousins, played golf with his papa...i kinda dont blame him! but i teared up a little cause i want him to miss me...i should be glad i have an independent little boy that is glad to be with his wonderful grandparents right? okay i am going to cry now...

but before i do...i'll just tell you a little bit about our weekend. on saturday we were curious to check out the record waves we had due to a big swell. we headed down to the wedge in newport.

what was normally a half hour trip took an hour and a half...but i wont go there...this is my happy place...

i loved the weather because it was a little overcast, which meant i didnt have to hide under a blanket the whole time i was there. it really stinks having such tan in-laws...i instantly become a million shades whiter...my mother-in-law always likes to bring this to my attention...thank you very much.

anyway - the waves were incredible. probably the coolest part to me was that there were hundreds of people standing there lined up along the beach watching mother nature...well mother nature plus a breakwater creating a crazy current that produces insane waves. they were watching all that and the crazy bodysurfers getting tossed...literally.
how cute is this boy? i miss his dirty face. his dirty snot-smeared face and dirty fingernails and sweet smile and infectious energy and and and...okay i'll go cry now.

P.S. - this backpack is property of the Barnes' - they carried Bryan and the rest of their kids in it when they were kids and we used it just about every day with bryson...i love love love it...too bad they go and make the backpacks all crazy and cumbersome and SAFE now!

but at least i have this guy here. i nursed bodie today probably 15 times. i'm not sure why he needed to nurse 15 times. the kid weighs as much as some 1 year olds...but he wasn't happy today unless he was nursing...and how do you say no to this face?

but anyway - back to the waves. they were seriously amazing. so soothing to sit and listen to...and the sand there is amazing too...i think i have been around long beach sand too much. yuk - its like the sand in playgrounds.

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the BLAH BLAH BLAHger said...

How gorgeous! I'm going down on Sunday night for a shoot...I hope it's still spectacular!